Mazda 323

since 1985 release

Repair and operation of the car

Mazda 323

+ Introduction
+ Petrol engines
+ Engine lubrication system
+ Engine cooling system
+ System of ignition
+ Power supply system, carburetor, system of injection of fuel
+ Diesel engine
+ System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ Coupling
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Suspension bracket and system of steering
+ Brake system
- Wheels and tires, body, coloring of the car, care of the car
   The sizes of disks and tires/pressure in tires
   Designations of disks
   Designations of tires
   Replacement of wheels
   Rules of care of tires
   Balancing of wheels
   Antisliding chains
   Spare wheel
   Wear of tires
   Removal and installation of a front bumper
   Removal and installation of a rear bumper
   Removal and installation of a front grille
   Removal and installation of side moldings
   Removal and installation of a forward wing
   Removal and installation/adjustment of a cowl
   Removal and installation/adjustment of a door of a back
   Removal and installation/adjustment of a door
   Upholstery door door/window regulator/glass
   Removal and installation of an upholstery of a door
   Removal and installation of a glass/window regulator of a forward door
   Door lock lock/handle/cylinder
   Back door lock / internal drive
   External mirror
   Removal and installation of glass of a mirror
   Panel of devices / average console
   Front seats
   Removal and installation of a back seat
   Back seat
   Coloring of the car
   Elimination of damages from stones
   Rikhtovka body/repair of rusty openings
   Preparation for painting
   Wash of the car
   Care of a varnish covering
   Protection of the bottom and preservation of cavities
   Care of an upholstery
+ System of electric equipment
+ Heater, system of lighting, devices
+ Governing bodies and methods of operation
+ Electric circuits



The body of MAZDA 323 has the bearing design. The bottom, side details, a roof and wings are welded with each other. Wind and back glasses are pasted. Therefore large repair work, and also replacement of the pasted glasses can be made only in special workshops.

The cowl, trunk lid and doors are screwed and can easily be replaced. At installation it is necessary to keep surely the correct air gaps, otherwise doors will knock or during the movement in salon there will be an increased noise. The air gap has to lie anyway in parallel and has to have identical width on all length. In this chapter there are also instructions on works on internal equipment of salon, such as, removal of seats and an upholstery.

 Safety rules during the works on a body

When carrying out welding works near the battery the battery has to be surely removed. At shutdown of the battery it is necessary to read surely instructions in the Section Removal also installation of the battery.

On elements of the filled system of the conditioner neither welding works, nor the soldering should not be carried out. It belongs as well to welding works and the soldering on the car if there is a danger of heating of elements of system of the conditioner.

The contour of coolant of system of the conditioner should not be opened. To remove protective mastic of the bottom and consolidation in places of repair by means of the rotating wire brush or to heat the hair dryer to temperature at most +180 °C and to remove with the pallet.

When painting the car can heat up at most to +80 °C, otherwise there is a danger of damage of the electronic monitor.